4 Tips to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

The holiday season is upon us and some of us may be wondering how we can maintain a weight loss and fitness success when we’re surrounded by seasonal treats. We may have just started using a food and fitness journals and are entering into our first health-conscious holiday seasons.


“Leave the Christmas cookies to me!” said Santa, laughing maniacally.

Here are some tips that can help to create joyful, stress-free, and healthy holiday seasons.

Be Prepared.
During the holidays, schedules get busier, stress levels are higher, and social obligations are greater. This means that whether we are traveling, attending potlucks and parties, or entertaining at home, we need to take extra precaution to protect our health. We need to be sure to plan ahead for each specific event to make sure we can stick to our plans. Remember—if we don’t take care of ourselves, nobody will.

Take Extra Action.
The stressors of the season can make us vulnerable to overeating, which means we need to double up on our efforts at health and wellbeing. We may need to keep our food and fitness journal with us wherever we go, check in with our support systems more often, visit the gym more regularly, and spend more time in stress-reducing activities such as meditation. Taking extra action during the holidays will help us stay grounded, less prone to emotional upheavals, and less vulnerable to slips.

Travel Smart.
If we are traveling, along with clothes, toothbrushes and clean underwear, we can pack the items we need to take care of ourselves. This includes our food and fitness journals, food scales, and measuring cups and spoons. We can also pack things that feed our souls such as inspirational books, DVDs, and music. We need to take our wellness with us.

Set Healthy Boundaries.
The holidays are a busy time but we must put our health first—no matter what. This means we may have to say no to some holiday activities if it will put our wellbeing in jeopardy. We’ll need to remind ourselves that running ourselves ragged in the name of holiday fun will do nobody any good. We can learn to say no to activities that are not in our best interest.

It is possible to enjoy the holidays and be healthy. We do the holidays like we do anything else—a meal and a day at a time.

    • Thank you, Anthony. It’s always helpful to be aware of what we’re doing before entering into the holiday season. Keep up the good work!

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