Breaking Through a Weight Loss Plateau

So there you are, working out, eating right, and enjoying steady progress.

Weight loss plateaus are temporary - you can meet your goals.

Then one day you get on the scale and see the same number as last week. And then the same number comes up again the next week. And again the week after that. What gives?

Don’t panic—you’ve just hit the dreaded (but common) plateau. As frustrating as they are, plateaus are temporary. Your body has simply gotten used to your routine and has “settled in.” One of the best resources you can use to break a plateau is a food and fitness journal.

By tracking your daily food intake and activity levels, you can significantly increase your chances of successfully reaching your goals. Here’s how using a food and fitness journal can help you break through a plateau.

1. It shows hidden calories.
It’s easy to underestimate the amount of calories we eat throughout the day. Having a few chips here, a handful of nuts there, or a second serving at dinner can add up to excessive amounts of calories that can sabotage your efforts. Monitoring your food intake on paper lets you identify the exact amounts you’re eating.

2. It shows hidden emotions.
Most of us are emotional eaters on some level. Along with writing your food and activity levels, you can also use your journal to record your emotions, especially if you find yourself eating too much. If you write down your feelings as soon as possible before or after your meals, you can help identify triggers that contribute to overeating.

3. It shows hidden patterns.
When you write in your food and fitness journal, you are creating a record that can enable you to identify trends and patterns that may be contributing to your plateau. Did you notice your weight loss stopped after you introduced a certain food you’re your diet? Is your exercise routine balanced and consistent? With the information your food and fitness journal contains, you can make the necessary adjustments in the areas that need improvement.

Remember—plateaus are temporary. Use a food and fitness journal to break through a plateau and get the results you want.

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