1. I have lots of small bad habits so I guess I will start small with one at a time. I was never much of a soda drinker until I got pregnant. I craved so bad with all four of my pregnancies that I still crave it. So I am going back to not drinking soda that even means diet soda as well since I have never liked the taste of them. This way I can decrease my sugar and sodium in take. Then on to the salty foods after bed time……

    Thanks for putting the challenge out there.

  2. I have an uncanny addiction to Licorice and other sweets. I actually started last week SWEARING OFF sweets(candy). I have been doing OK I have only had 3 pieces of salt taffy from Trader Joes….I am substituting fruit and nuts and seeds…it seems to be working…I have also started a regiment of walking 30 minutes on M-W-F…I have also been keeping a food diary….What a concept….

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