What I Wore: The Boa-Collared, Black Velvet Wrap

The outfit
I didn’t feel like dressing for Halloween this year but I did feel like celebrating the holiday. So I pulled out my black velvet, floor-length, boa-collared wrap, threw on a red lip and called myself the “spirit of Halloween.”

Yes, I really do own this item of clothing.
I bought the boa wrap at a second-hand store for about $30 and I’ve worn in many times. It makes for a striking overcoat at fancy dinner parties, evening theater engagements, and Christmas events. Even better, when I don’t want to buy something new, I just keep the boa wrap on the entire evening and call it a look.

Don’t compete with The Boa.
When you have an article of clothing this dramatic, it’s important to make it the star of the show. Don’t compete with large jewelry pieces and/or colorful clothes. Notice how for Halloween, I kept it simple with pulled back hair, subtle makeup and basic black clothes.

I look like who?
Although nobody bought my “spirit of Halloween” costume line, people loved my boa wrap. Other than the guy who compared me to Morticia Addams – and you know who you are – I received a lot of compliments on how elegant I looked.

Get your Morticia on.
I encourage everybody to take a risk and add a bold statement piece to your wardrobe. It’s fun, shows your confidence, and adds a touch of drama to the evening.

Which, of course, would make Morticia Addams proud.

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