Announcing Tues Nite Redondo Beach Writer’s Group

notebook blank page on warm wood background

Don’t face the blank page alone.

Starting January 10, 2017, I’m facilitating a fun and productive writer’s group every other Tuesday in Redondo Beach. This will be a supportive, interactive forum for both experienced and new writers to share and discuss our current projects. Expect a relaxed cafe atmosphere, constructive feedback, and a lot of productive fun.

Where is it?

Catalina Coffee Company, 126 North Catalina Avenue, Redondo Beach, CA

How does it work?

Plan to read approximately 1,200 words of your current creative work. It can be fiction, non-fiction, biography, blog posts, poetry and other creative endeavors; please no resumes or other business communications.

The group runs approximately 1 1/2 hours. To ensure everybody’s work gets read, we’ll split the time evenly between all participants.

Plan to arrive at 6:30 pm, buy a beverage, and get ready to start at 6:45 pm.

How do I submit my work?

  • Bring printed copies to distribute, and/or
  • Upload your work to a shared Dropbox folder. For access, please email me at

How much does this cost?

And you get all this high-quality feedback, fellowship, and friendship for the very low cost o $5.00 per group!

How do I sign up?

Space is limited so click here to sign up thru Meetup today!

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