What I Wore: Fishnets at Work??

Fashion Confessional: I wore fishnet tights at work. And my female boss loved them.

But first some background.

Winter legs are a problem. You want to wear cute dresses but you’ll freeze if you go barelegged. But not every dress looks good with colored stockings. And you can’t wear black tights with everything.

Then there’s the nude pantyhose dilemma.

Grandma, is that you?

Unless you’re style icon Kate Middleton who brought sexy back to flesh-colored hosiery, wearing nude pantyhose puts you in danger of looking like a circa 1981 Laker Girl, Miss America, or aerobics queen.

1981 wants its pantyhose back.

So what’s a fashionable gal to do?

Here’s a solution I credit to Charla Krupp, author of How Not to Look Old: fishnet tights. Seriously.

But aren’t fishnets usually reserved for evening wear?

Not if you do the nude fishnet. Not only do they add youthful flair to your outfit, but fishnet tights keep your legs warm and do what pantyhose do best: suck in your leg flesh. And who doesn’t want that?

I’m listening.

So here’s how I did it. for my fishnet look, I paired a long-sleeved dress, courtesy of Stitch Fix, with low-heeled boots and pulled my hair back into a low pony.


When I’m wearing a “statement piece” of clothing – and fishnets would certainly be considered a statement – I keep the rest of the look basic so as not to have competing elements.

Which ones should I get?

Never being one to spend money on hosiery (because let’s face it, one run and there goes 25 bucks), I bought a pair of  No Nonsense Women’s Fishnet Openwork Tights for $6.50 on Amazon. The netting was strong and supportive and the pattern was subtle and so far, no runs.

Keep the look professional and choose a small net.

So what did your boss say?

I work for a very conservative company and, I have to say, I was nervous. The first thing I did when I got to work was march into my boss’s office, slap my leg on her desk, and demand, “Are these appropriate?”

“Those are super cute,” she said. “Why wouldn’t they be appropriate?”

And that’s why my boss is my kinda gal.

Winter legs. Discuss.

How do you keep your legs stylishly warm in the winter? Share your ideas in the Comments section or email Shannon@positiveportions.com.


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