The Power of Visualization

Any success in life begins with a goal. For me, when I first embarked on my weight loss journey, I had a goal: I just wanted to get through the day without breaking my diet.

That was the best I could do.

Start small, finish big.

After so many years of failure, a day without eating an entire box of cookies before lunch was a personal triumph. So that’s what I focused on and it worked. As one cookie-free day turned into another and the weight slowly came off, I started to dream a little bigger.

I pictured myself speaking in front of crowds, having career success and – gasp! – dating.  And eventually, much to my surprise, all those things happened.

I didn’t know it at the time but I’d tapped into the power of visualization.


Right-click to download and use this image as your screen’s wallpaper to remind yourself to dream big.

The “Preferred Future”

According to the renounced scholarly resource, visualization is “to form a mental picture” and “to make perceptible to the mind or imagination.”

I like to think of it as drawing a blueprint.  No architect can build a house without a blueprint. (I mean you can but the end result would be a mess.) Visualization is like that. When we picture ourselves achieving a goal we’re creating a blueprint for a future desired outcome, the “preferred future” as it were.

Kobe does it.

Visualization is best used as part of a regular meditation practice. Athletes have been using it for years as visualization has been proven to increase athletic performance. Kobe Bryant, Misty May-Trainor, Kerri Walsh, Joe Namath and Derek Jeter are known meditators.

Meditation/visualization is also an effective way to reduce the fear and anxiety that may hinder performance. Of course visualization doesn’t replace hard work and practice. But it’s a powerful way to start making positive changes in behavior and create a desired life when practiced regularly.

So now what do I do?

Ready to get started? Click here to see an illustrated guide to visualization from that great sage, WikiHow.

I know visualization worked for me and I’m interested in hearing about your experience. Leave a reply in the Comments section or send an email to


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