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Girl Boner Radio – On Sept 2, 2015, I spoke with host August McLaughlin and stylist Rayne Parvis about how to feel sexy at any shape.

Talk One – On June 27, I spoke with Talk Radio One host Steven Spierer about the “a-ha” moment that led to my 100-pound weight loss and how I’ve maintained that loss for 12 years and counting (my interview starts around 14:15).

Bikini Chef Radio Show – On November 20, 2010, I chatted with Bikini Chef Susan Irby and co-host Steve Valentine on how to stay healthy, sane, and “bikini ready” during the holiday season.

Praiseworks. Listen as host Lynnis Woods Mullins and I talk about how true health encompasses more than just a number on a scale.

Fox News ~ I was featured in a segment that originally ran on Fox News LA on July 8, 2010, and then nationally the week of July 25, 2010.

Nourishing Wellness Medical Center ~ Having trouble keeping motivated to stay on the wellness wagon? Jeanne Peters, the nutrition director and co-director of the Nourishing Wellness Medical Center in Redondo Beach, California and I talk info, tips, and encouragement to stay on the path.

On the page

Prevention magazine: Put on her first diet at the early age of 4 by her family, Shannon Hammer Prevention Maggrew up feeling as though her weight was constantly monitored. As a child, she’d rebel by sneaking food—a bite of cake here, a few cookies there—and then covering her tracks.

Fun and Fit: I remember the moment clearly. It was January 2001 and I was standing in front of a drugstore holding an envelope of newly developed photos….. Click on the link and read the rest of the “A-ha!” moment that contributed to my success today.

Six Healthy Breakfast Ideas You’ll Love ~ Who says you can’t have salad for breakfast? Click here to find outside-the-egg breakfast dishes.
Cowboy4Sale ~ Momma’s lives are hectic and I know what you are thinking, now I have to keep track of what I eat and the activity’s I do!! Yes you do!! You will be glad you did!!
Fit & Fabulous Living ~ One of the most effective tools that contributed to my eventual weight loss success turned out to be as easy and inexpensive as a pen and paper.
Painted Ladies ~ The first thing I would recommend is to make a commitment to wellness and not weight loss. What I mean by that is that focusing on just reaching a certain number on the scale or specific dress size is not enough to sustain us for the long-term. ~ Instead of focusing on the numbers on the scale, I focused on a holistic approach, getting healthy emotionally, physically and spiritually.
Better Homes & Gardens Magazine ~ I’m quoted in the “Better Health” section of the December 2010 issue: “I used to handle the holiday stress by indulging in comfort foods. It’s hard not to when you’re surrounded by reindeer cookies and chocolate Santas. I always figured, Whatever. I’ll get back on track in January. Except I never did, and I ended up putting on more weight every year. I finally realized that healthy living is an everyday deal. This year when stress hits, I’ll be unwinding with a movie, good book, or manicure.”
Community Health Magazine ~ Shannon Hammer, author of The Positive Portions Food & Fitness Journal, says finding joy has helped her maintain a 100-pound-plus weight loss and keep her energy up.

Here I am demonstrating the perfect squat in Redondo Beach, CA

Collage Video Exercise Video Success Story~ I have the great fortune of winning Collage Video’s Exercise Video Success story, the best part of which is that they donated $100 to The Thyroid Institute on my behalf.

The Daily Breeze ~ “After an entire lifetime of being the fat girl, the 230-pound girl who holds the coats at dances, the attention still surprises me,” said the woman whose transformation from seeming hopelessness, from being nearly crippled by her own body weight, to a 125-pound beauty with luminous blue eyes is nothing short of a miracle. [NOTE TO READER: My eyes are actually green but who am I to argue?)
The Beach Reporter ~ “If you change the inside as well as the outside, then you will keep the weight off.”
The Easy Reader ~ “You have to make friends with your body.”
Fit This Girl! ~ “What is cool about the journal and I think unique to it, is the daily reading and on the opposite pages of each entry. Shannon tackles topics such as emotional eating, goals, balance with our food, healthy routines, change etc.” ~ “Along with physical benefits, using a food and fitness journal also brought Hammer emotional and behavioral benefits. Having a written down plan allowed her to curb impulsive eating, which then helped her identify underlying emotions that drove her to food, such as stress, anger, and fatigue”.

On the shelf

Barnes & Noble Bestseller

The Positive Portions Food & Fitness Journal is now located on the Bestselling Diet Books shelf at Barnes & Noble:



Five-Star Rating on Absolutely the best! Although I own several recommended nutrition and exercise journals, this one is the best I have ever used. It has plenty of space to record and is not crammed with so many recording lines that you feel overwhelmed. And I love the motivational pages! I would very highly recommend this journal and plan to order another when I near the end of this one. Try it! – February 12, 2010

Your journal is just what I needed to get me back into controlled eating. Knowing I have to write everything down has literally stopped me from reaching for that piece of chocolate or bread or whatever I was hungry for at the moment. It’s made me realize how much snacking I used to do – just a bite here and there that adds up into lots of calories. I especially like that it has six months’ worth of tracking pages and that the journal is attractive and inspirational. If you can lose 100 pounds, I can certainly manage to lose 30. Thanks!! – Reade

Shannon – I’ve been using your journal for awhile; got real serious the past week, and finally broke the plateau I’ve been sitting on for nearly a year! Thank you for your wonderful Food and Fitness Journal!!! – Jeannie 

I love your journal! There’s nothing else like it on the market today. Every day I get something new to think about. For instance on one day you talk about how we need to share our space with our loved ones, but not our food. I had never thought of that before and that’s really helped me since I have kids who eat a lot of junk food. So whenever I’m home and faced with temptation, I’ll say to myself, “That’s not my food.” I learned that from you. I feel like I have a companion on my journey – thank you! – Roxie

I can’t tell you how much The Positive Portions Food & Fitness Journal is helping me. I’ve been writing in it faithfully since I got it and I’ve never done that before. The daily writings inspire me. Thank you for writing this. – Sheila

I am on day 24, and I’m down 11 pounds so far.  I love my journal.    It really is making me stop and think about the food choices I make throughout the day.  I have had my moments of weakness, but keeping the journal makes it easier to get back on track.  I flip the page and it’s a whole new day, and I get fresh new start.  Hearing your story really gives me hope that I can lose the weight and keep it off. – Claudia

I love The Positive Portions Food and Fitness Journal. I am impressed with how well-written and well-produced it is. I’m using it every day and I love it. – Monique

I just want to let you know how much I am enjoying using the journal! The format is makes it very convenient to use, and the inspirational quotes always seem to hit the right note. :) – Eleanor